Tips & Info.

LOCATION: Pick a nice place outdoors, by a lake, in a park or in your back yard. Some place where there is plenty of scenery...a nice view. Remember, your back-drop will be in your wedding photos. God has provided a lot of beautiful options. Take advantage of them!


ALTERNATE LOCATION: If planning an outdoor ceremony, it is best to pre-plan an alternate site, in case of inclement weather. The weather is always subject to change quickly. Don't let it ruin your day!


AFTER-FESTIVITIES ARRANGEMENTS: More often than not, the wedding ceremony is followed by a reception. Depending on the start-time of the ceremony, it can be quite late in the evening when it is time to leave the reception. You will be tired...I guarantee it! Make arrangements prior to the wedding day, for nearby place to spend the night. Believe me, you will not want to spend a lot of time traveling after a hectic day like that!


REMINDER: Minnesota law requires two adult witnesses at any wedding ceremony.


MARRIAGE LICENSE:  Before your ceremony, you must purchase a Marriage License from your local county courthouse.  You will need documents, such as Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards, etc.  Both the bride & groom must be present when signing the application paperwork.

A Minnesota Marriage License is valid for 6 months from the date of issuance.


PLANNING:  These are a few of the key things you need to consider when planning your big day:

1.  Location - Where do I want to have my wedding ceremony?

2.  Wedding Party - Who do I want in my party / how many?

3.  Music - Do I want music played during my ceremony.  If so, do I want someone to sing or do I want to use a stereo (either is fine), and how many songs?  (Typically, there would be no more than three songs during a ceremony: 1-played while entering, 1-during ceremony itself, 1-while exiting).

4.  Ceremony w/i a ceremony - Do I want to have a special ceremony during my wedding ceremony, such as a Unity-Candle or Sand-Pouring?

5.  Do I want someone to do a reading?  If so, who & what do I want them to read specifically? 

6.  Do we want to write our own vows or recite vows provided by the officiant?  (either is fine)

The list goes on, but if you are just getting started with your planning, these are important items to consider.  I always leave the planning and arrangements to the couple, ensuring your day will be 100% YOUR WAY!